Re-releasing myself into the wild…

Ok, so “Old School” references are a bit out of date.

I’m still trying to organize my blog into something that may entertain me, but figured I should get something new in here as a start.

Random stuff that makes the world a better place:

This poor kitten was exploited just to make me laugh so hard I wet my pants...what a shame.












Makes me want a kitten, though. That and the fact that there are few things more entertaining than sliding a cat across a hardwood floor. Before you get all excited – I’m pretty sure they enjoy it. Maybe.

And in the same vein:

He's so skeptical it hurts.













Now I want him to be bitch-slapped by the kitten. Also, how do I know that Skeptical Dog is a guy? Not sure.

So that’s all for my re-entry into the blogoshpere. I will blow your minds with references to arcane literature and unpopular films at a later date.



4 Responses to “Re-releasing myself into the wild…”

  1. My favorite author is back in action. Are you trying to tell everyone that you’re getting a kitten?

  2. Don’t pretend the kitten was for me you big softie…I’m liking this side of my brother ;) keep it up

  3. Don’t act like the kitten was for me, you big softie….pean”i”t is on his way, I sent him FedEx so you wouldn’t get lonley ;)

  4. Kind of strange how Bre posted twice under two different id’s… Or is that “id”s to be Freudian ;) Anyhoo, comment still stands.. kinda strange!

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